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ChatGPT as a slack agent

March 1, 2023.


OpenAI has dropped the APIs for utilizing ChatGPT, and this is one of the best ways to do that. You can tap into the power of the ChatGPT API early and create your own little minions like "Jack" to do your bidding on Slack.

Jack will entirely stay in your slack workspace. He can handle all your marketing needs. Yeah, that's right, he can manage your ad campaigns, recommend killer landing page copy, create marketing presentations with some serious data-driven insights, and do all the stuff a marketing intern would do. Or, you can even have Jack work with your engineering team as an intern. He'll write unit tests, make API calls, fix bugs, and do other tasks that those amateurs on your team don't want to handle. Jack can be anything you want him to be!

You don't need a whole team to do this, just someone who can develop and implement this.