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Transcending Boundaries: Tarkovsky's Fusion of Style and Substance

June 10, 2023

In the world of Andrei Tarkovsky's movies, truth is something you can feel but can't quite grab hold of, and it's all wrapped up in the mystery of the Zone.»

Babylon: Damien Chazelle and Perfection

December 23, 2022.

Damien Chazelle's new film is a debaucherous epistle to Hollywood’s silent era.»

The Father: Hopkins is Phenomenal

Oct 28, 2021.

Florian Zellar made a stunning debut with this scary yet remarkably tragic film.»

Sound of Metal: Accepting Loss

Aug 4, 2021.

Sound of Metal doesn’t just allow for silence but thrives in it, thanks to the stunning performance by Riz Ahmed.»

Another Round: A Novel look at Alcoholism

June 29, 2021.

A Danish comedy starring Mads Mikkelson shows an intriguing experiment on the soft benefits of alcohol.»

The Garden/Patio Scene from "The Godfather"

April 14, 2021.

The garden scene between the father and son is the best of the entire movie!»

Ee. Ma. Yau: A Poignant Masterpiece

March 24, 2021.

A proof that for creating an immersive cinematic experience, one doesn’t need the best of film technology.»

True Detective Season One is a Classic!

February 16, 2021.

I still can't believe I tried watching this show five years back and slept through halfway thinking it was boring!»